The 2024 International League T20, also known as DP World International League T20, marked the second thrilling season of the prestigious tournament. Organized by the Emirates Cricket Board, this professional Twenty20 cricket league in the United Arab Emirates witnessed fierce competition among six teams. The tournament commenced on January 19, 2024, with the final showdown captivating fans until February 17, 2024.

International League T20 Ranking: Exciting Season 2 Recap

MI Emirates Retains Their Crown

MI Emirates, a powerhouse in the league, successfully defended their title in a gripping finale against Dubai Capitals, emerging victorious by 45 runs. This victory solidified their dominance in the league and showcased their exceptional skills on the field. With stellar performances throughout the season, MI Emirates once again proved why they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of cricket.

International League T20 Team Performances: 2024 Season

In the 2024 season, each team showcased their talent and determination, striving for glory on the cricket pitch. Victors and contenders alike, let’s explore how each of the six teams performed throughout the tournament.

– Abu Dhabi Knight Riders: Despite facing challenges, Abu Dhabi Knight Riders showed resilience, securing a commendable 4th position in the tournament. Led by their captain and star players, they demonstrated remarkable teamwork and individual brilliance, earning respect from fans and competitors alike.

– Dubai Capitals: Dubai Capitals displayed exceptional skill and teamwork, finishing as runners-up in the tournament. With a strong batting and bowling lineup, they posed a formidable challenge to their opponents, captivating audiences with thrilling matches and memorable performances.

– Desert Vipers: Desert Vipers exhibited tenacity throughout the season, clinching the 5th position. Despite facing setbacks, they showcased moments of brilliance, thanks to standout performances from key players. Their journey in the league was a testament to their fighting spirit and determination to succeed.

– Gulf Giants: The defending champions, Gulf Giants, showcased their mettle yet again, securing the 3rd position in the league. Led by their experienced captain and supported by a talented squad, they displayed consistency and resilience, reaffirming their status as formidable contenders in T20 cricket.

– MI Emirates: As reigning champions, MI Emirates delivered stellar performances, culminating in another title triumph. With a perfect blend of youth and experience, they dominated proceedings on the field, outclassing their opponents with both bat and ball. Their relentless pursuit of excellence earned them well-deserved recognition and adulation from fans worldwide.

– Sharjah Warriors: Despite facing challenges, Sharjah Warriors displayed flashes of brilliance, ending their campaign in the 6th position. Led by their inspirational captain and supported by a determined squad, they showcased moments of brilliance throughout the season, highlighting their potential for future success.

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