The T20 format was only created for entertaining purposes. The introduction of this condensed format drew spectators from all corners of the globe, which is precisely why the T20 format has become the most popular worldwide.

The 2007 T20 World Cup’s overwhelming success opened the door for the emergence of numerous franchise cricket leagues all around the world.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) introduced its own franchise cricket league, known as the Indian Premier League, only a year after the T20 World Cup 2007. In addition, several major nations created their own T20 cricket leagues, which were also quite successful. Cricket players nowadays have expressed a tremendous deal of enthusiasm for playing in T20 competitions around the world.

1. Indian Premier League

The most popular T20 league in the world is the financially abundant Indian Premier League(IPL). The profitable competition, which debuted in 2008, has successfully finished up to 15 seasons. The competition has up to 10 teams. The players are additionally compensated handsomely for representing their respective franchises. IPL provides winners a whopping USD 2,696,258 in prize money.

2. Big Bash League

The Big Bash League (BBL), created by Cricket Australia (CA), is their very own franchise cricket league. Just so you know, the KFC Big Bash League debuted in 2011. As many as 8 teams have competed in Australia’s main T20 tournament. The Big Bash League champion receives a massive prize package at USD 4,50,000, the third-highest in the globe.

3. T20 Blast

The world’s first and oldest professional T20 tournament is called T20 Blast. The T20 Blast is referred to as the “Vitality Blast” due to sponsorship. It is a professional Twenty20 cricket competition for first-class counties in England and Wales. It debuted in 2003 and has already finished 20 seasons. In this league, there are up to 18 clubs. The winning team receives US$236,127 in prize money.

4. Pakistan Super League

After the IPL, Pakistan Super League (PSL) is the league with the second-highest global viewership. Seven successful editions of Pakistan’s very own franchise cricket tournament have already been completed. PSL was introduced in 2016 and now features up to six teams. The winner of the Pakistan Super League receives the second-highest prize money in the world—$505,000—for the uninitiated.

5. Caribbean Premier League

The bulk of West Indies cricketers have added a Caribbean flair to the T20 leagues, making them even more unique. The most sought-after players in the T20 cricket community are from the West Indies, and they play in a number of T20 competitions around the world. The CPL was introduced in 2013, and as many as six teams can compete. The winner receives US$429,799 in prize money.

6. Bangladesh Premier League

In 2012, the Bangladesh Cricket Board introduced the Bangladesh Premier League(BPL), a brand-new franchise cricket league. It has now grown to be one of the most prosperous T20 leagues in the nation. The BPL is also one of Bangladesh’s three professional cricket competitions. The competition features up to seven teams, and the champion receives US$236 099 in prize money.

7. Lanka Premier League

The Lanka Premier League (LPL), created by Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC), is the country’s version of the T20 competition. In the year 2020, the T20 league debuted. Up to six teams compete in the competition for the novice. The LPL has so far successfully finished three editions since its debut. Prize money for the Lanka Premier League champion is $100,000 USD.

8. Afghan Premier League

Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) introduced its own franchise-based T20 league known as the Afghan Premier League (APL), similar to other countries. The competition, which takes place in the United Arab Emirates, has up to five teams. The prize money for this competition is USD $300,000, which is significantly more than the prize money for the T20 Blast, LPL, and BPL.

9. SA20 League

The SA20 League, a franchise-based T20 tournament, was introduced by Cricket South Africa (CSA). During the Twenty20 franchise cricket event, spectators flocked to the carnival in large numbers. For the record, six franchises with locations around the nation are contesting it. Sunrisers Eastern Cape took first place in the SA20 League’s inaugural season.

10. UAE International League T20

Few people are aware that the United Arab Emirates’ very own franchise-based T20 league is the International League T20 competition. For the record, up to six teams compete in the event. There can be a maximum of 9 foreign players per team. The final two spots, however, will only be available to UAE residents. The first tournament was won by Gulf Giants in 2023.

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